Your clients' solvency: essential knowledge for your business

| Berthe Maes

Payment arrears can place considerable pressure on your business. So, it’s essential to monitor the solvency of your clients.


Payment arrears can jeopardise your cash flow or – even worse – place considerable pressure on your business. It is therefore very important to monitor the solvency of your clients, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. This allows you to eliminate obstacles before they appear, so you can rest assured about the continuity of your company. Discover how to chart the solvency of your clientele.


What is the financial strength of your (potential) clients? This is a question you should always be able to answer before conducting business with another company. Because having the fullest possible picture of your potential clients allows you to assess risks and develop a sustainable client portfolio.


But, how do you know whether a specific client is solvent? Where can you find one hundred percent reliable information? These are questions every company manager asks, and that’s why we at Modero created SOLID Score. It is a unique indicator (using a score from 0 - 100) which expresses solvency.

As Judicial Officers, it is our legal duty to inform the creditor, - i.e. you - of any impending insolvency of a debtor. Of course, we prefer to work preventatively, so we always apply the same step-plan, and this allows us to allocate an accurate SOLID Score for each dossier:

  • It all starts with the clear identification of the client. Once we have established their identity, we investigate their financial strength or solvency.

  • On the basis of numerous criteria, we assess their payment behaviour, thereby leading to even better cost efficiency. The following sources are taken into account:

    • Internal data

    • Previous experience of payment behaviour

    • External databases

    • Final on-site testing by the Judicial Officer, who adjusts the score by means of a solvency report (using the App)

  • When we have pro-actively determined the group to which a specific client belongs, we adapt our approach to find even quicker, even more personalised solutions.

COLlECT B2B PAYment ARREARS quickly and cheaply

Modero provides many clever ways to protect the financial health of your company. The SOLID Score forms part of Modero Solid, a comprehensive solution which allows you to receive B2B payments more quickly and more cheaply, and avoid (costly) legal proceedings – without loss of legal certainty.