Efficient collection

No more unpleasant surprises thanks to the Solid-score. It is an instrument with which the judicial officer immediately identifies irrecoverable invoices by checking the solvency of your customer.

As soon as the judicial officer has the required title, he has access to various external data files. He then translates all the information via a proven statistical model into a simple score between 0 and 100.

The Solid-score charts the financial strength of your customer. For example, we determine the collection process based on your assignment and the profile of your customer. This method guarantees the fasted possible payment of your invoice and ensures high collection rates.

De Solid-score: Efficiënt invorderen

The Solid-score rests on four main pillars:


Our partner-judicial officer Modero can count on the expertise of more than 50 judicial officers and more than 200 employees. The Modero network consists of offices all over the country, and has an international collaboration with partners from more than 150 countries. These specialists have extensive experience with collection and techniques that accelerate the scheme and achieve high collection rates.

Insight and internal data

Does your customer have structural financial problems? Then there is a good chance that he already has a file with Modero. The national network provides Modero with a lot of relevant information that improved the Solid-score. This enables us to determine the right approach from the start to collect your claim as quickly as possible.

Access to external data

As a judicial officer, Modero has access to various external data files: the National Register, the Central Database of Messages (CBB/FCA), the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises, etc. As soon as we have the required title, Modero consults these files in order to obtain the best picture of your customer’s solvency. Does he own real estate? Does he own a vehicle? Has there been a protested trade bill? These answers can determine the route to be followed.

Local added value

Modero’s judicial officers are often on the road. This way, they know their district through and through. That knowledge often creates a better view of the mattes. The visit on site in this procedure provides an extra check of the solvency so that no wrong actions are taken.

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