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Getting paid for the services and goods you provided makes sense to everyone. Still, undisputed bills that are left unpaid are a reality that businesses face on a regular basis.

The administrative procedure for the recovery of undisputed invoices makes it possible to collect unpaid and undisputed B2B invoices faster and cheaper without going through the court. This procedure only applies to invoices between companies (B2B) and therefore not to invoices between companies and consumers (B2C) or governments.

100% recovery

As an entrepreneur you can use this procedure with Go Solid free of charge. By entering your unpaid invoices here, you can recover 100% of your invoice amount. The operating costs of Go Solid and the insurance paid with the maximum damage clause of 10% as provided for the in this procedure.

Available to 7 countries

The procedure for the recovery of undisputed invoices is available in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Austria and Spain. If your registered office is located in one of these countries, you can start the procedure against a Belgian company. Different European rules apply to other cross-border files.

How does the administrative procedure for the recovery of undisputed invoices work?

Hoe verloopt de IOS-procedure
IOS-procedure Stap 1: Opstart dossier.
IOS-procedure Stap 2: Aanmaning tot betalen
IOS-procedure Stap 3: Reactie klant
IOS-procedure Stap 4: Opmaak PV van niet-betwisting.
IOS-procedure Stap 5 Ontvangst uitvoerbare titel.
de IOS-procedure
Start the administrative procedure for the recovery of undisputed debts with Go Solid
  1. Start-up. You send us your undisputed invoices via the website. You will then receive our acceptance within 4 working hours.
  2. Payment reminder. The judicial officer will serve a payment reminder to your customer within 4 working days. By going on site, he ensures an optimal estimation of the solvency.
  3. Response of the customer. Your customer has 1 month at the latest to:
    • pay or request a payment plan;
    • dispute the debt (in total or a part of it).
    If your customer disputes the claim, the administrative procedure will stop. Based on the stated reason for dispute, you can still decide to continue the recovery through legal proceedings.
  4. Preparation of the report of non-contestation. If your customer does not respond and he doesn’t make a payment, the judicial officer will draw up and official report of non-contestation 8 days later at the earliest.
  5. Receipt of the executable title. The magistrate checks the file and declare the report of non-contestation enforceable by means of a mandate. Accordingly, the judicial officer starts the forced execution: he serves an order to pay and possibly seizes inventory, bank account(s) or vehicle(s).
Financial benefits of the administrative procedure for the recovery of undisputed debts

Financial benefits of this administrative procedure

Applying the administrative procedure for the recovery of undisputed invoices to your unpaid invoices, also means that you can collect these invoices cheaper.

The procedure is cheaper because a number of costs are eliminated or reduced. The judicial officer will charge these costs to your customer. This cost reduction (on average 4 times less to obtain a title) creates a win-win situation for all parties involved. After all, a lower amount is paid more quickly.

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