Collection free of charge

Collection free of charge

Go Solid is the only online platform where you do not have to pay a deposit or costs. At Go Solid you receive a service free of charge and you are automatically insured for the risk if your customer is unable to pay.

No debt collection of factoring

When you entrust your unpaid invoice to a collection agency, they will charge you a percentage of the principal amount recovered. You will therefore not receive the total amount of your invoice. Also, if you sell your invoice to a factoring company, you will not receive the total amount. S, you miss out on a lot of income.

Go Solid works differently. We guarantee that you will receive the full outstanding amount and our service is free of charge. With Go Solid you will not lose your customer, because we collect in a reputation-enhancing way. In addition, we also recover undisputed B2B invoices that are more difficult to collect.

Automatically insured

The Solid-score charts the financial strength of your customer. This way we can properly estimate the feasibility of your debt claim. Thanks to the reliability of the Solid-score, you as an entrepreneur can rely on our exclusive collaboration with D.A.S. Legal insurance. When you us our services, you are therefore automatically and free of charge insured for any legal costs after acceptance of your file.

Together with our experienced partners, namely the lawyer, judicial officer and legal insurance, we guarantee a professional approach of your file.

That is why Go Solid is the answer to the procedure for the collection of undisputed invoices that makes it possible to collect your unpaid B2B invoices without intervention of the court.

Collection free of charge with insurance

Go Solid is...


No more going to court.

Free of charge

Your risks of costs is zero.

Reputation proof

Your customer relationship remains intact.


It won’t take you time.


Experienced judicial officer and lawyer.


Correct treatment.

My unpaid invoices turned into payment, completely free of charge

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