Collection of undisputed financial debts saves the justice system almost 15 million euros

| Anaïs Walraven

Do you want to collect an unpaid invoice as an entrepreneur? Thanks to the procedure for the Collection of Uncontested Financial Debts you no longer have to pass through the court. This saves you a lot of time and costs. The impact of this procedure was recently investigated by the Administrative Simplification Service (DAV).

Collection of undisputed financial debts is beneficial for entrepreneurs, debtors and the justice system.

For entrepreneurs, the benefits of the Collection of Undisputed Financial debts have been clear for some time. They now collect their unpaid B2B invoices faster and cheaper. The debtors also benefit from the Collection of Undisputed Financial debts, because this procedure is also much cheaper for them than a traditional collection through the court. However, the positive impact of the procedure for the Collection of Undisputed Financial debts goes much further. For example, the expenses of the Belgian corporate courts decreased by no less than 66.8% or 14.6 million euros per year. Read the full report here.

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