No more ‘quick and free’! This is how you get paid for creative work

| Berthe Maes

‘It will be good for your portfolio’, ‘payment in kind’, or ‘you like to do this, don’t you?’ You hear those typical excuses all too often in the creative sector. While you simply want a fair compensation for the work you do and the talent with which you make a difference. How do you ensure that you are paid according to your work?

undisputed debts in the creative sector

Clear agreements in advance

Always provide a quotation with a price indication and a clear description of the assignment. Focus on written communication; if you make appointments during a telephone conversation, confirm them by email afterwards. This reduces the chance of discussions afterwards and unpaid invoices.

Airtight terms and conditions

Draw up general terms and conditions in which you state the final payment term, default interest and damage clause. This dull fine print is important in case of disputes. You can formulate them creatively, as long as they are airtight. You always add the general terms and conditions to invoices and quotations.

Collection of unpaid invoices

Once you have sent the invoice, you strictly follow up on payment. Use a fixed approach with standard payment terms. Send a payment reminder in case of late payment and do not hesitate to send a clear reminder if that does not work. Still no payment? Then send a registered notice of default. This puts extra pressure and a first step towards judicial collection.

Action rather than words

A registered letter often leads to payment, but not always. If your customer does not pay, forced collection is the next step for your unpaid invoice. Fortunately, you can use the administrative procedure for the collection of undisputed B2B invoices. It doesn’t incur any additional costs for your company. You send your invoice to us online and receive confirmation of the treatment after four hours. As soon as the procedure has started, you will receive your money after one month on average.

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