My unpaid invoices collected completely free of charge: that is not possible, is it?

Yes, it is!

Do you want to fully focus on a sustainable improvement of your cash flow together with Go Solid? Good thinking! Go Solid is a solution for collecting undisputed invoices in a B2B context, completely free of charge. Indeed: our approach is definitely profitable financially.

How can it be free?

Since 2 July 2016, Belgian law provides a new administrative procedure, unique in Europe, to collect unpaid invoices from companies in a B2B context much faster and cheaper.

But completely free of charge does not exist, does it?

Go Solid can exclude the cost risk in advance when collecting your invoices. The costs are recovered from the debtor.

And even if your customer cannot pay at the end of the journey, you will not receive the invoice. Thanks to the Solid-score, we can estimate the feasibility of your progress from the start. In addition, your risk of legal costs is insured by D.A.S., market leader in legal aid insurance. This way, we fully live up to our promise!

It was never that simple

Deposit or advance? Not necessary. Send us your unpaid invoice and we will do the rest. Go Solid is responsible for the follow-up from A to Z. You can send your invoice via this website, or simply take a picture of it via your phone. On average, you will receive your money within one month.

Would you also lake to have your unpaid undisputed invoices collected free of charge? Send them to us via our online platform!