Everything you need to know about the new procedure for the recovery of undisputed financial debts

| Berthe Maes

The procedure for the recovery of undisputed financial debts has been in effect since June 2016. It allows companies – without having to go through court – to recover undisputed and payable financial debts. Attention: this only applies to unpaid invoices in a B2B context, not for private individuals. Find out all the details about this procedure here.

Everything you need to know about the new procedure for the recovery of undisputed financial debts

When does the new procedure apply?

The procedure can be applied to undisputed financial debts of professionals, whereby both the creditor and the debtor must be registered with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (CBE). The claim must concern a sum of money that is certain, fixed and payable at the start of the proceedings. There is no limit to the amount claimed.

What if your claim is nevertheless disputed?

If a customer disputes your claim (in barely 2% of the cases), you can still obtain your money through a classic procedure in court. The costs already incurred are included in the summons. During the hearing, your customer can submit his dispute, after which the judge gives his verdict. In order to actually collect your invoice, you have this judgment served by a judicial officer.

Without intervention of a judge

In the event of non-dispute, the official report offers us, after authorization by a supervisory authority within the National Chamber of Judicial Officers, an enforceable title will be received electronically without the intervention of a judge. In this way, we at Go Solid can not only guarantee a particularly fast and efficient claim, our formula is also completely free of charge.

The costs are recovered from the debtor. And even if your customer cannot pay at the end of the journey, you will not receive an invoice. Thanks to the Solid-score, we can properly estimate the feasibility of your claim from the start. In addition, your risk of legal costs is insured by D.A.S., market leader in legal aid insurance. This way we fully live up to our free promise.

Discover all the benefits!

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