Go Solid says goodbye to your outstanding invoices

| Berthe Maes

Ask entrepreneurs what the biggest threat to their business is, and you will very often hear the same thing: not getting paid for the work that was delivered. Unpaid invoices put your cash flow under pressure. Fortunately, there is a solution now: Go Solid.

Go Solid is responsible for the follow-up of the payment of all your undisputed B2B invoices, without any charge. Find out how we guarantee collection without the risk of legal costs.

Go Solid says goodbye to your outstanding invoices

Go Solid: this is how it works

Since 22 June 2016, Belgian law provides a new administrative procedure to collect unpaid invoices from companies in a B2B relationship much faster, easier and cheaper. You no longer have to pass through the court. All you have to do is send your invoice to Go Solid. How does it work?

  • Submit an invoice via website, app, e-mail, etc. – whatever you prefer.
  • Your file will be accepted and started within four hours.
  • Within four days after acceptance, the judicial officer will go on site to request payment and discuss the file.
  • In case of full payment, you will receive 100% of your invoice.

Collect outstanding invoices without risk of legal costs

Yes, you read it correctly: Go Solid ensures the full follow-up of your undisputed invoices. But there is more:

  • Your costs are insured: the risk of legal costs is excluded in advance. Moreover, we do not require a deposit or advance.
  • You receive your money within one month on average.

Suppose your customer cannot pay, how can Go Solid rule out the risk? Thanks to the Solid-score, we are able to properly estimate the feasibility of your progress from the start. That’s why D.A.S., market leader in legal aid insurance, is willing to insure your risk of legal costs.

Now say for yourself: sending us your invoice pays off and it costs you nothing. In addition, everything is done quickly, easily and correctly. Your customer relationship remains intact. Do you want to put it to the test? Send us your outstanding invoices and we will immediately start your file!