Starting you own business? Find the traps and some indispensable tools

| Berthe Maes

Ready to change the world and start your own business? Then an administrative whirlwind comes your way. How do you approach this and what do you best attention to?

Starting you own business? Find the traps and some indispensable tools

Start your own business

As soon as you have chosen the right business form, a suitable name and the right financial framework, you can start. Be surrounded by specialists in every domain: a notary provides a solid framework, an accountant monitors your figures and a social secretariat advises you on the financial consequences of your structure and recruitment.

Guaranteed cashflow

A common problem with start-ups is the disappointing cashflow. It can be hard to find the difference between the outgoing cashflow and incoming money. Especially in the start-up phase, where you have to make a lot of large investments. You can go to Go Solid for unpaid invoices. We collect large and small sums, even amounts less than 200 euros. After a quick assessment of your B2B invoice, we take care of the follow-up.

Fast results for every B2B invoice

Go Solid makes it as easy as possible for you to collect you invoices. With a handy app you can scan an invoice and send it to us. You will receive a message of acceptance from us no later than four working hours later. Your undisputed B2B invoice is collected through the administrative procedure and payment follows on average after one month. In this way we limit your cashflow problem and you keep enough money to grow.

The right contacts via Go Solid

You also need a reliable partner like Go Solid in case of problems. Thanks to our expertise in debt recovery, we have developed an extensive network with local and international judicial officers and lawyers. In addition to the formal control of the administrative procedure, the network offers you a complete legal service.

Insured against legal costs

Thanks to the Solid-score, we are able to properly estimate the feasibility of your claim from the start. That is why D.A.S., market leader in legal assistance insurance, insures your risk of costs in the administrative procedure. The risk for costs is therefore excluded in advance when collecting your undisputed invoices.

Are you stuck with an unpaid invoice? Send them to us now.