Undisputed debts: everything you have to know

| Berthe Maes

Two similar invoices can result in a complete different recovery procedure. Do you have a B2B-invoice or not? It's an essential difference. You can recover undisputed financial debts in a professional relationship completely free of charge.

Undisputed debts are recovered quickly

Avoid disputed invoices

An important step to prevent the dispute of claims is a correctly drawn up and clearly legible invoice. Child's play? It's harder than it seems. In many companies misunderstandings regularly occur and there are communication problems with the customer. Therefore, go for watertight invoices and let your judicial officer assist you.

Maticulous follow-up

The follow-up of claims is a time-consuming job. But it is essential. Punctual debt collection leads to mutual respect and stregthens the long-term relationship with your customers. Choose a judicial officer who stands for sustainable debtor management and e respectful relationship between debtor and creditor. Modero, the national partner network of judicial officers with whom we work, guarantees this.

B2B claims: fast recovery

Unpaid debts between companies are settled quickly. At Go Solid we collect undisputed debts according to the administrative procedure. The 'collection of undisputed debts' is even possible without the intervention of the court. In this way we can not only guarantee a particularly fast and efficient claim at Go Solid, our formula is also completely free of charge. 

Openstaande schulden tussen ondernemingen worden snel afgehandeld. Bij Go Solid innen we onbetwiste schulden volgens de administratieve procedure. De ‘inning van onbetwiste schuldvorderingen’ (‘ios’) kan zelfs zonder tussenkomst van de rechtbank. Op die manier kunnen we bij Go Solid niet alleen een bijzonder snelle en efficiënte vordering garanderen, onze formule is ook helemaal kosteloos!

Discover the advantages!


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