Unpaid invoices: a step-by-step plan for a fast collection

| Berthe Maes

Every unpaid invoice is one too many. Non-payments cause a lot of damage to your company and the long-term consequences are often incalculable. That is why it is better to opt for a preventive approach that minimizes the risk of payment irregularities. A clear step-by-step plan is indispensable. Discover our concrete recommendations.

Unpaid invoices: how to deal with them?

Take the lead

Proactivity is indispensable when it comes to invoicing. Have you sent an invoice? Then don’t rest on your laurels, but follow the payment process closely. In addition, opt for clear communication. Clear invoice conditions are also a must, as is a friendly tone of voice. Is the payment term not respected? Then it’s time for a payment reminder. Here too the following applies: clarity and an appropriate tone-of-voice above all else.

No solution in sight? Call for help

Do a notice of default and payment reminders not help? Then it is certainly not a lost cause. For example, you can call in a judicial officer or – in a B2B context – ask Go Solid for help. They can mediate for you and, if necessary, start legal proceedings.

B2B sector: collection without worries

In the case of unpaid B2B invoices, you can quickly and free of charge apply the simple procedure for the collection of undisputed B2B debts via Go Solid. Go Solid takes care of the payment follow-up from A to Z, completely free of charge thanks to a unique partnership. We follow five steps:

  1. You send u your invoice via our website. Your file will be accepted and started within 4 hours.
  2. Within 4 days after acceptance, we send a reminder to pay. After service, your customer can either pay the debt within one month, or request an installment plan, or dispute the claim with reasons.
  3. Is there a motivated dispute? Then the administrative procedure, but we can still take legal measures via a traditional court proceeding.
  4. Is there no payment or motivated dispute, there is no payment plan requested or isn’t complied with? Then we will draw up an official report of non-dispute at the earliest 8 days after the end of that month.
  5. This official report offers us an enforceable title electronically, without the intervention of a judge.

This way, every entrepreneur with unpaid B2B invoices can collect their unpaid invoices quickly and free of charge. The average collection period lasts 1 month from the start.

If you want to send us more than 10 invoices? We provide a custom solution so you don’t lose time. Contact us quickly to discover all the possibilities.