What to do if late payments make your SME breathless?

| Go Solid

An SME is slightly more sensitive to the consequences of non-payments than a multinational. Fortunately, there are solutions to deal with this.

late payments

Running an SME is fantastic. You run your own business, and the possibilities are endless. As long as you don’t end up in an economic storm. And that is often the big challenge. As an SME you are slightly more sensitive to the consequences of non-payments than, say, a multinational. Fortunately, there are also ways to protect your business against risks such as late payments. And they don’t even have to cost much. Follow along.

Ring the alarm in time

Your company may still be running well, but a month of financial disaster can happen quickly. And then it all goes fast. Never let it get that far. It is best to calculate non-payments immediately and link them to and adequate action plan. That way you can do business with confidence and only take calculated risks.

Are you active in the B2B segment? Then we have good news. Go Solid is a solution for the collection of undisputed B2B invoices completely free of charge.

Go Solid: collect late payments without costs

Belgian law provides a new administrative procedure to collect unpaid invoices from companies in the B2B segment much faster and cheaper. In this way we were able to market this unique Go Solid solution, free of charge.

Late payment? Send us your invoice, and your file will be accepted and started within four hours.

No later than four days after acceptance, we will issue a payment reminder to your customer. After the reminder has been served, your customer can either pay the debt, request a payment plan, or dispute the claim within a month. The latter happens in only 2% of the cases. If payment or a motivated dispute is not made, no payment facilities are requested or if these are not complied with, we will draw up a report of non-dispute at the earliest eight days after the expiry of that month.

No worries, no costs

Go Solid can exclude the cost risk in advance when collecting your invoices. The costs are recovered from the debtor. If they cannot pay, you are insured. Deposit or advance? Not necessary. Send us your unpaid invoice and we will do the rest. Go Solid is responsible for the follow-up of the payment from A to Z. You can send your invoice via this website, or simply take a picture of it via our app. On average, you will receive your money within a month.

Do you also want to have your outstanding undisputed invoices collected free of charge? Send them to us using our online platform.