5-year anniversary of the recovery of undisputed debts: yes, the procedure works

| Annelien Maurissen

The administrative procedure for the recovery of undisputed debts has been in force since 2 July 2016. We promised from day 1 that this procedure would be more efficient, faster and cheaper than its classic counterpart, which collects unpaid invoices through a classic court summons. In the meantime, this new administrative procedure is celebrating its 5th anniversary. Does the procedure do what it promised? We went through the numbers for you.

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In the past, we often chanted that this administrative procedure works and why you as an entrepreneur definitely should opt for it. We would like to show you on the basis of some figures that the administrative procedure is indeed more efficient, faster and cheaper.

Invoice disputed in barely 1 percent

We can see that the administrative procedure is extremely efficient in the number of disputes. In only 1 percent of the files, the unpaid invoice is still disputed. This means that with 99 percent of all you unpaid B2B invoices you can count on the help of Go Solid to still receive your payment.

If a dispute is submitted, the administrative procedure will stop. You can still ask a judge to rule on the dispute via summons. However, the court takes firm action in delaying, meaningless disputes. Last year, the Ghent Business court imposed a fine on a debtor for misuse of this right to dispute in this procedure. The judge ruled that the court was unnecessarily burdened because there was no concrete dispute. As a result, unnecessary government resources were wasted. The court therefore imposed a fine of 250 euros. In addition to the order to pay the invoice, the debtor also had to pay all court costs of approximately 1.000 euros.

In 81 percent payment within 9 weeks

You will also receive your payment very quickly. The entire procedure is completed in only 58 percent of all files. 81 percent of all files are paid within 9 weeks.

The procedure itself is much faster than the traditional summons procedure. 1 month and 8 days after a judicial officer served you client the payment reminder, he will draw up an official report of non-dispute. This official report states the updated financial statement of the debt. It is then, at the request of the judicial officer, digitally declared enforceable by a magistrate. This official report serves as an enforceable title, with which the judicial officer can proceed with judicial recovery.

In a traditional procedure, the judicial officer often has to wait for some time for the enforceable issuance of the court’s judgement. The waiting period is sometimes a few weeks and can be up to several months.

Up to 80 percent cheaper

Because only the intervention of the judicial officer is required, and therefore not of the court, there are fewer legal costs for your customer. Depending on when your customer pays, the administrative procedure is between 64 percent and 80 percent cheaper than a procedure via summons.

A report by the Agency for Administrative Simplification, an independent service that measures the efficiency of new legislative initiatives, has also shown that this procedure results in an annual administrative cost reduction of 14,6 million euros for the Business court and 7,3 million euros for the judicial officer. This represents a decrease of 66,8 percent and 22,2 percent respectively. As a result, the Business court has to deploy fewer people and resources and the judicial officer incurs fewer costs.

Finally, this procedure is also completely free of charge for you via Go Solid and you will receive the full invoice amount if we receive payment. We do not ask for a commission and your risk against any legal costs is insured.

Every unpaid invoice counts

Small unpaid invoices are too often written off in the accounting system. The costs of having these invoices collected through a third party so not seem to outweigh the invoice amount. 25 euros or 25.000 euros? 1 invoice or 10 invoices? No problem. As soon as an invoice meets the conditions, you can invoke the administrative procedure. You submit a file to Go Solid in 3 simple steps and we will get started right away.