B2B invoices: how thoughtful listings make a difference

| Berthe Maes

Everything you deliver has to be paid for. Therefore, provide clear invoices and watertight general terms and conditions. You can fall back on that in case of conflict. If you sell to a consumer, you issue a B2C invoice. Invoices to companies are in turn B2B.


The difference between B2B and B2C

With B2B invoices you have more freedom than with B2C invoices, because the legal protection of the consumer doesn’t apply:

  • Your general terms and conditions only apply to the consumer if he explicitly accepted them. For companies, a presumption of acceptance is sufficient: if they do not agree, they must immediately protest your invoice.
  • Certain clauses only apply to businesses, not consumers.

Formal mentions for a valid invoice

Make sure you have a valid invoice that contains the name, address and VAT number of both your company and your customer. Both jurisdictions (RPR) also belong to a B2B invoice. Clearly add the term ‘Invoice’ with the invoice number, date and delivery date.

Correct description of your service or product

But that isn’t all there is to it. Clearly describe your product or service, the rate, individual price excluding VAT, the subtotal and ultimately the total amount, including VAT.

Please note: fines for incorrect invoices can reach up to 200% of the VAT due.

Airtight terms and conditions

Good general terms and conditions prevent conflicts and resolve problems faster in your favor. In other words, the fine print can have a big impact later. So be sure to determine an interest in the event of delay and a – fixed – damage clause.

For B2B deliveries you can indicate in advance in which city the court will deal with a possible dispute. You can stipulate retention of title, so that you can keep an undelivered product for a customer who is now bankrupt. And a netting clause enables far-reaching set-off for multiple transactions.

Tip: not only state your general terms and conditions on every invoice, but also on your order forms and quotations.

Faster collection of B2B invoices

A final essential difference between B2B and B2C invoices is the faster B2B collection through an administrative procedure. Without the intervention of a judge, a judicial officer forces the payment of your invoice on your B2B customer in the short term.

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