A credit management tool from A to Z: some tips

| Berthe Maes

Are you active in credit management or do you regularly deal with related services? Then you should be aware of automation under any circumstances. Credit management is constantly evolving and welcomes new innovations at every turn. Discover why your company also benefits from a credit management tool.

credit management tool

Integrated working method

From the simple management of your invoices to thorough credit management, keeping your company healthy is not something you just add. When it comes to credit management, an integrated, process-based approach is essential. It is the only way to make clear analysis and avoid unpleasant surprises. If you try to do this purely manually, you risk losing a lot of growth insights and therefore income.

Credit management tool: smarter business

A good manager who dare to delegate. And that not only to employees, but also to external specialists and tools. In this way, you inject knowledge and expertise, which in the best case can only be acquired in the long term via internal recruitment. A strong credit management tool links internal to external data and applies the necessary algorithms and manual analysis.

This could be, for example, the strict follow-up of the existing customer base. This way you will receive a notification if there are significant changes in the solvency or creditworthiness of your customers. For this, a global Solid-score is used based on statistical profiling of anonymized data. The result: insights that enable you to run your business proactively, with a focus on opportunities and risks.

As a creditor you always have access to that information in a B2B context. In a B2C relationship, this is only possible if there is a claim due or with the explicit consent of the person concerned.

Credit management for B2B invoices

Are you active in the B2B segment? Then you don’t have to hesitate. An integrated (automated) approach is also a must for B2B invoices. For this we developed the innovative solution in light of the new administrative procedure for B2B invoices.

The new procedure makes it possible to recover undisputed and payable financial debts without the intervention of a court. Go Solid sets the tone by linking this procedure to the Solid-score, a unique indicator of a party’s financial strength, in order to guarantee quality, speed and financial transparency in advance.

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