Go Solid chat guarantees fast and clear advice

| Berthe Maes

Digitale technologie is de oplossing voor veel problemen. Ook betaalproblemen. Op de website van Go Solid vind je sinds kort een chatfunctie, waarmee je meteen een antwoord op al je vragen krijgt. Onze medewerkers helpen je er met veel plezier verder.

Go Solid-chat

Fast and clear help

Speed is the biggest advantage of our chat function: the question you have is answered immediately by one of our team members. You chat live with the Customer Service, who also prepare and handle your files. This way you always get the correct information. If you don’t gat an answer to your question within 5 minutes, the chat will automatically turn into an email form. This way we try to help you within the hour.

Better development through your questions

Thanks to the questions you ask, we further develop our website in a targeted manner. We learn what is on point and what can be improved. In this way we ensure that the information and tools on our website become even more user-friendly. So, don’t hesitate to give us feedback on that too.

Practical and technical information

When you ask questions via the Go Solid chat, you will immediately receive a conclusive answer. With the advice of our team you save a lot of time. This client experienced this, for example:

                Client: Our customer has 7 overdue invoices. I can only insert 5 in your system.

                Go Solid: You may submit the file with 5 invoices and send the other 3 by email. It is best to send a separate email per customer.

                Client: Ok thanks! A number of files will follow. Then we always do it like this.

Legal explanation via the Go Solid chat

The Go Solid chat not only provides technical information, but also provides additional clarity about our approach and issues in the collection procedure. Your questions about our way of working are immediately clarified and you can continue with your invoicing, like this user:

Client: I have a number of unpaid invoices and am considering a collection agency. How can you be free of charge?

Go Solid: Thanks to the IOS procedure, B2B invoices no longer go to court. We use the Solid-score to estimate the feasibility of your claim. In addition, we have insurance if your customer cannot pay. This makes Go Solid completely free of charge for you.

Client: Ok, I will send another reminder with deadline 11/05. Do I already start the file?

Go Solid: As soon as the file is accepted, the bailiff will visit your customer within 4 days. It is best to wait until after 11/05.

Client: Thanks for the info. If he hasn’t payed by 11/05, I will start the file.

Where can you find the chat?

On every webpage you can click on the green speech bubble at the bottom right. You will see the Go Solid chat window. We will answer your questions quickly and we will efficiently guide you through our website. We will give you all the information you need.

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