How do I write the perfect payment reminder?

| Annelien Maurissen

Getting paid for the goods and services you provided seems obvious. Yet everyone has to deal with unpaid invoices from time to time. New maybe even more than ever before. Only 66,63 percent of invoices are paid on time. No less than 15,48 percent of unpaid invoices have still not been paid 90 days after due date. Following up your invoices correctly and quickly is a first step to prevent this, also in corona times. So immediately send a payment reminder once the final payment term has passed.

Payment reminders, the most important step to get your unpaid invoices paid.

How do I write a good payment reminder?

A payment reminder is a first step to let your customer know that you really expect the payment of your invoice. Without this payment, your own cash flow can get into trouble, so you may not be able to make new investments in your business. So, get started with a friendly reminder, which is firm enough.

  1. Write personally

Adapt the form how you address your customer. Do you know the person who handles the billing by name? Then speak to him or her directly. A personal message is more difficult to ignore.

  1. Stay friendly

Have a friendly and positive tone of voice. Do not threaten with extra costs or actions yet. Maybe there was just a mistake of the invoice was left unpaid because of a carelessness. After all, you hope that your customer remains a customer after payment of this invoice.

  1. Write to the point

You write the letter to receive payment for an invoice that was not paid on time. That should be clear from the start.

  1. Provide all invoice details

Indicate which invoice it concerns by stating the invoice date, the invoice number, the outstanding amount and the final payment date that was exceeded.

  1. Call for payment

After this letter you expect immediate payment. Therefore, conclude with a clear and concrete call to action.

  1. Do not number your reminders

Do not mention that it is a first reminder. This creates expectations that there will be more to come, which can lead to more postponement.

Download our template for a customer-friendly payment reminder.

When do I send a registered payment reminder?

Haven’t you received payment after your first or even second reminder? Then you send an official notice of default as the last attempt to receive payment. Send this letter by registered mail, so you are 100 percent sure that it has been received well.

A registered letter places the burden of proof on your customer. If he claims not to have received an invoice or registered mail, he must prove this as the addressee.

You should definitely include these elements in your registered reminder letter:

  • Clearly state the word ‘notice of default’.
  • Indicate which extras you will charge.
  • Explain clearly what the problem is and demand immediate payment.
  • State explicitly that, if payment is not mad, you are forced to take further (if necessary legal) steps.
  • Include all supporting documents, such as the unpaid invoice and any reminders.
  • Don’t make empty promises. Otherwise, you will lose your credibility.


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