With this method you tackle defaults decisively

| Berthe Maes

Staying financially healthy means keeping your defaults in check. But how do you do that? By working preventively as much as possible and by following up your outstanding invoices in a systematic and structured way. Fortunately, there is an efficient service that helps you. Discover the different possibilities.


Addressing defaults: start preventively

Following up your outstanding invoices closely, it sounds logical and simple. But the greater your turnover, the more numerous the unpaid invoices and the greater the chance that you are in danger of losing your overview. Automation is therefore a necessity. Some – usually larger – companies already have specialized software in house for this. For other organizations (SMEs), purchasing software is a must to deal with outstanding invoices. In both cases, it is a good idea to outsource your credit management to a team of experts. That way you can fully concentrate on your core business.

Non-payments: no longer going to the court?

Do you still have to deal with defaulters? Thanks to a new administrative procedure, you no longer have to go to court for uncontested B2B claims. That way you save a lot of costs. If you also opt for a recovery procedure based on our Solid-score, then you have all the assets to recover your non-payments as much as possible.

Fast, affordable and qualitative service

At Go Solid, we focus on quality, without losing sight of speed and affordability. While we ensure quality with our many years of experience and expertise, the speed in turn stems from our efficient methodology and that of our partners:

  • Our working method makes it possible to follow up outstanding invoices closely. We accept your file within 4 hours. We take action within 4 days. After service, the counterparty can pay the debt, request a payment plan or dispute the claim within one month.
  • If payment or dispute is not forthcoming, no payment plan is requested or is not complied with, we will start the procedure after one month and eight days.

And affordability? Thanks to our insurance you pay nothing at all.

All you have to do: concentrate on your core business.